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My story about the concert of Vitas in Samara

I am still "out of my mind" after the concert.:) My impressions are so special, so hard to describe. The 13th of April was one of the happiest days in my life. I wish I could "play" continuously all the events of that remarkable day, over and over again. I wish I could hold it and not let it go, could make this day repeat itself till the end of my life. It was clever of me to take a day off for the 13th of April. If I had gone to work on that day, something would have spoiled my mood for sure and I would have come to the concert not in such a happy state of mind as I actually did.:)

In the morning I talked with some Chinese fans on MSN. Two girls asked me to buy DVDs and posters for them at the concert and I promised to do it. I prepared a gift from the Chinese fans - I packed pictures and a CD with various Chinese data into a paper bag. On my way to the concert I bought flowers - a bouquet of 5 big yellow chrysanthemums and some small red and yellow chrysanthemums in the middle. I wanted my bouquet to resemble the Sun.:)

I met my best friend and other acquaintances near the concert hall and we came in. When I saw 2 kinds DVDs on sale (Vitas in Kremlin, 2002 and Songs of my mother), I immediately bought them but not in the quanitty I actually needed. The number of DVDs with the first concert was very limited (I wondered why), so I couldn't buy the same quantity of each kind. So some fans will receive only one kind of original DVD - Songs of my mother - but anyway I can make a copy of the 1st concert for them. Hope they don't mind it.:) I bet the ladies who were selling DVDs didn't expect someone would be buying them by wholesale and were really shocked by my behaviour.:)

At 7 p.m. we were allowed to enter the hall. When we sat down, it was announced that the concert was being delayed for 40-45 minutes. I was upset by this news. I feared that the public might get annoyed because of long expectations and not react properly to the performance later on. They might sit with stone-cut faces unwilling to applaud and it might affect the whole concert in a negative way. But it didn't happen. The people didn't look annoyed at all and even felt sorry for Vitas, for he has such a heavy schedule and works so much. When the concert started, the public welcomed Vitas in a most friendly way. I was happy to see this warm reception.

When we heard his voice, we noticed that it had improved again. It acquired incredible strength. When Vitas was singing the first few lines of “Soul” taking away his microphone, his voice was clearly heard not only in the stalls but on the balcony as well. One of my friends was sitting on the balcony and she was shocked when she realized that his voice sounded as loud as that of an opera singer. He obviously doesn't need a microphone any more, he can easily sing the whole concert without it, like opera singers do. When I compare the way his voice sounded now and at the three previous concerts, I see that the progress is amazing. His voice used to be audible before but not to such an extent, it just sounded like a voice not amplified by any technical means. And now, if you closed your eyes, you wouldn't say which part of the song he sang into the mic and which one without it. There was NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!!

His plasticity also surprised us. All his movements were totally new. He started to pay more attention to his hands, they are making a lot of wavy movements, it looks so beautiful. Ballet dancers should learn from him how to move their arms and hands to look like "little swans".;) There were a lot of such wavy movements in the song "Someone else's melancholy is crying". The song looked like a new one. There was "moonwalk" across the whole stage from right to left in the song "Winter" and a slow arabesque in the song "Speaking doll" - it looked like a slow-motion picture from figure skating, really. By the way, the girl who was invited to stay on the stage was very smart and "copied" Vitas' movements quite successfully.:) The public gave the girl a storm of applause and Vitas presented her one of the bouquets.

There were plenty of flowers at this concert, the cloakroom attendant downstairs remarked: "People always bring to Vitas so many flowers!" I knew that it was not allowed to come up with flowers during the first 5 songs, so I went to the stage after the song "Opera #1". I and one more girl were the first to give him flowers, I gave him my paper bag together with the bouquet and told him it was a gift from his Chinese fans. He said "thank you" and one more phrase which I didn't quite understand and which seemed to me rather weird. Something like "I have one too" or "I know".:-S My best friend gave him her bouquet 2 songs later, together with 6 or 7 other ladies.:) He said "thank you" with a courteous nod to everyone, looking into each person's eyes.

In my opinion, Vitas' speech became more smooth too, it flows more easily now and he was obviously saying more things to the public than at the previous concert. He is progressing as an artist in every aspect, bringing to perfection all the components of his performing art. Again he said nice things about Samara. It was a native city of his mother and he spent here part of his childhood. He said he was always coming to Samara with special feelings in his heart.:)

During the break I bought two posters (again they were the last ones, like DVDs:)). The people chatting in the foyer looked enchanted by what they had seen and heard. We saw a solid man who was walking like a zombie muttering the same phrase: "I am stunned"...:) I guess it was his "first time" at Vitas' concert. We ourselves saw the same program for the 4th time, nevertheless we were amazed too.:) We had a feeling we saw it for the first time like many others, it was like a new one, everything looked different. I think no matter how many times you see it, each time it's a new one.:) Each time it's a special one, for you personally. It seems that Vitas does everything on the spur of the moment - yesterday he did it in a different way and tomorrow it will be different too. He never does the same, he is always "fresh". Many other artists repeat the same in different cities, they are like mechanic toys performing the same movements and producing the same sounds, sometimes not changing a single detail in their way of presentation for several years... Vitas is a unique phenomenon.

It's a pity we didn't have a digital camera. We wish we could record every single moment of that concert. By the way, many people took pictures and recorded video but the securities didn't take any severe measures.:) In fact we didn't see any securities nearby, only two persons stood at the side exits on the right and left but there was no one before the stage (last time I saw one or two guards in front of the first row). It seemed that no one controlled the process of giving flowers. I wonder how people knew when they shouldn't come up to the stage, everyone was doing it at the right moments.:) I never saw someone pushed away by the guards. Incredible! (At the concerts of other singers it is sometimes a big problem, people have to overcome many obstacles to give them flowers and the guards are very rude with the fans.) At the end of the first half of the concert Andrey, the personal bodyguard of Vitas, suddenly appeared and sat on a side seat in the 4th row, just near my friend.:) But he didn't ask anyone to hide their cameras, he just needed to control that no one would come up with flowers during the last two songs.

At the end of the show the public stood up and was applauding, screaming, squealing and shouting various good things to Vitas. It was a resounding success.:) This time the public didn't need to ask him sing "encore" for too long, his tricks with picking up the bouquets and "fake leaving" were just part of the show and didn't last long. He sang "Kiss", "The bird of happiness" and "Opera #2" and then everything was over. When it was announced that all the fans could get an autograph, we decided that we shouldn't miss this chance to tell him what we needed to say. Besides, we noticed that when Vitas left the stage and the curtain was closed, part of the flowers remained lying on the stage (he failed to take all the bouquets with one grip because there were too many of them) and my bag was among them! We were afraid the personnel might not fetch all these things to Vitas and he might forget to take this bag. We couldn't let this happen. So we joined the queue outside (I would rather call it "crowd" than queue:)), near the staircase leading downstairs. There was the door to the backstage rooms. At first we were at the end of the queue but soon more people joined us and we found ourselves in the middle of this big crowd.:) The queue was moving fast and waiting was not too long. Our turn came after half an hour or so. The bodyguard at the door was cheerful and friendly, he wished good luck to everyone who was coming back from the dressing-room. After seeing Vitas all the people returned in high spirits, one elderly lady said: " This boy is such a sweetie".:) I bet he is!;) While we were standing near the door, we asked the security man if all the gifts had been brought from the stage to Vitas' room. He assured us that nothing had been forgotten on the stage. It calmed us a little.

Now I don't remember all the way to the dressing-room. When we entered the outside door, we went along the corridor, then there was another door and a few people were waiting beside it. Then we were allowed to enter this door and went through the corridor further on. Then we saw a door on the right, it was the dressing-room and Andrey stood nearby. There were some other staff in this corridor, they were solving some matters on the phone and moved back and forth. One girl waited for her turn before us and she asked Andrey if it was allowed to take bags into the dressing-room. He said "yes". (Last time, she said, the fans were to leave their bags outside.) She spent only a few moments in the dressing-room and then it was our turn to come in. I and my friend entered the room together. It was very small and Vitas was sitting at a low table with a blue marker in his hand. Now I even can't remember if there was any other furniture in the room beside this table. Oh, surely there was some other table or something like that on the right where bouquets lay. I didn't look aside, I looked straight into Vitas' eyes.

At first we asked him about the gift, he also assured us that they hadn't forgotten anything. And we really saw the bag among the bouquets which were lying in the dressing-room. Then I asked him to sign autographs for Chinese fans and gave him a few pictures by Lin which I had printed out in a photo format, 10x15 cm, then 2 posters. He asked if we were communicating with Chinese fans via the Internet and I said "yes". While he was signing the pictures, I said that those were the works of a talented Chinese painter and that there was a whole album of them in the bag. Then we said about the CD and strongly recommended him to see it.:) We said it contained publications from the Chinese press, fragments of TV-shows and when my friend mentioned Chinese cartoons, he showed vivid interest and asked again: "Cartoons?" He looked like a big child at this moment.:) My friend had him sign two CDs for her and then presented him a souvenir from Samara - a tiny box of chocolate sweets with the inscription: "Samara-Moscow-Paris" and said it was time for him to move further on and win popularity outside of Russia. He opened this box immediately and looked inside like a little boy unable to restrain his curiosity.:)

He was talking with us with an obvious interest, it was clear that he would like to talk more if there were no other people outside waiting for their turn. We realized we couldn't keep him longer, it was time to leave and let the other fans “have their fun” too.:) We said that we had seen the program for the 4th time but it looked like we had seen it for the first time and we had liked the concert very much. He asked us to come again to his concerts and we said "sure".:) Then we went out of the door.

We were really impressed by the way he was communicating with us. He behaved like our equal, without any haughtiness, putting on airs or something like that. He looked not like a celebrity but like a simple boy, with an open heart, very sincere, with true feelings, without any pretence. It was hard to believe that all those 5 years in Russian showbiz didn't leave any vicious sign on him, didn't affect his personality in a negative way. He managed to remain himself, to keep his true nature and not let his heart become hard and stiff. He talked with us not "out of duty" but because he wanted to talk. The topic seemed to be interesting for him. And he didn't look tired, worn-out (like other fans often say in their reports from other cities), he looked cheerful. Maybe Samara is really a special place for him. Besides, the travel from Saratov to Samara wasn't very long and tiresome. He could stay in Samara for the night and not be in a hurry since his next concert was in Toliatti, it's a town in our Samara Region to the north from Samara, just a one-hour journey by car.

Our meeting with Vitas proved that his true essence is very lucid and pure, he is a very positive person. He seems to be shining with bright and warm inner light and no dark forces can kill this light inside him. Whatever happens to him, deep inside he is a real angel, now I know it.:) He is the person who actually can save our cruel world from self-destruction. If only he is allowed to do this...

One more interesting observation. Many people from different cities say that Vitas always brings good sunny weather with him and when he leaves, the weather spoils. In Samara it was like this too. The weather this week was not very good. On Monday it was raining the whole day. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were rains at night but in the afternoon the sun appeared and stayed in the sky for the rest of the day. On Thursday, April 13 all night long it was raining, in the morning the weather was still dull, the clouds hid the sun. There was mud in the street. There was no sign that the weather might improve within the next few hours. I was very upset for it meant I would have to take an umbrella with me to the concert and it was very inconvenient to hold 2 bags, the bouquet and umbrella all at once. But about 1 p.m. the clouds started to disappear little by little, the sun began to shine and by the evening all the streets were dry. For the first time during this week there was no rain at night and the following day when Vitas was in Toliatti (but he still stayed within our region), the weather became very warm, +18, it looked like summer had suddenly come to our place. There was no rain at night again and Saturday morning was sunny too. But by 1 p.m. the clouds hid the sky and rain started. The sun didn't show up any more. On Sunday we were having rains the whole day through. The weather was dull and rainy, like in October. As soon as Vitas left our region and headed for the north, the weather changed for the worse. The nature was crying over his departure. Incredible, isn't it? People often call him OUR SUN and it is true. When he comes, the weather becomes warm and sunny, such things usually happen on Orthodox Easter. He brings sun with him, just like Jesus. Sounds fantastic but he is a true miracle of our world, so everything about him is miraculous.







他的可塑性也令我们惊讶。所有的动作全是新的。他在手的表现上投注了更多,加了很多的挥舞的动作,看上去非常的漂亮。芭蕾舞演员应该向他学习如何令手的动作更像“小天鹅”。在“别人的忧郁在哭泣”这首歌里这样的动作有许多。这使得这首歌看上去就像是首全新的歌曲。在“冬天”这首歌里,他用太空步在整个舞台上走动,从右到左。在“会说话的玩偶”里则是阿拉贝斯克舞姿* ——那看上去确实就像是花样滑的慢动作镜头一般。对了,那个被邀请同台表演的小姑娘也非常聪明。她竟然完美的“拷贝”了Vitas所有的动作。观众给了她热烈的掌声,Vitas还送了她一束花。














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