Our dear and loved women! 亲爱的女士们
You are the most great happiness on the Earth! 你们是地球上最大的快乐
On this fine spring holiday all the most gentle, sincere congratulations, all flowers of the world and the best songs are only for you! 在此节日送上真挚的祝福,这世上所有的鲜花和最优美的歌曲只献给你们!
I want to say so much words, 我想表达太多
When last sigh of love disappear. 当最后的爱消逝
I shall wait for you with a smile, 我微笑着等待你
To meet and see off with hope. 接送希望
I want to say so much words, 我想表达太多
When I see the sky in your eyes. 当我看见映在你眼里的天空
We shall fly with you in our dreams. 我们将与你一起飞翔在我们的梦中
You are in my heart forever. 你永远在我心里
And every day will return, 日复一日
As an instant of love, 赐予我
Sent to me from above.....永恒的爱

With love,
Vitas, S.Pudovkin

Our festive gift is the new version of the song "POPLAR"

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